Friday, January 08, 2010

A series of unfortunate events.

I woke up this morning knowing it would be a rough day. The fun news is that Jackson is 1 today. I am so abundantly blessed to have him as a part of our family. We all adore him. Now I understand why the baby of the family is always so spoiled! After kissing him and wishing him a happy birthday I headed out to Jury duty. I can honestly say I was really nervous but also want my kids to know that I am willing to do my part for our community. I did look forward to hours of un-interrupted reading then telling them I have 6 little kids and get dismissed. They explained that basically you can't park anywhere near the courthouse, which I did because I didn't read the fine print. I did get very little reading done when I got called up with about 44 other people. They asked for people who were seeking postponement, I was looking to be excused since my excuse wouldn't change much in 3 months or 3 years...unfortunately I never got the opportunity but was still hopeful since there was a 50% chance I would full fill my responsibilities. Turns out I am grand jury material and got chosen with 18 other individuals. When they called my name I wanted to cry since finding childcare for 4-6 kids would be difficult and Jeremy's boss, well his wife, just had a baby and was planning on taking sometime off this week as well. I was a little on the edge. They walked us over to where we would spend our time next week and explained our schedule. After it was over I walked outside and it started raining. I said out loud "fabulous" and a nice gentleman struck up a conversation with me. As I got to my car I could see the next unfortunate event, the expected parking ticket that was issued about 10 minutes before I got to the car no less. I get in on the passenger side, since the driver side door on Jer's car doesn't open. Then I tried to start the car, there was a "ding" then nothing. That is about when I lost it. I called my knight in shining armor to come to my rescue, which he did. At the end of the conversation I was barely able to speak clearly between the gasping sobs! Jeremy shows up, as I am sitting there in the car wondering why this is happening, I have just recommitted to kneeling down to pray EVERYDAY and read my scriptures EVERYDAY. I have been stellar I might add. I know it wasn't a punishment, but the "poor me" couldn't be kept from my thoughts. Then a passerby stopped and asked if it was the battery. Turns out he had a portable battery charger in the back of his slick black car. (Funny: I had to tell them how to hook up the cables...I looked it up in our car manual.) It was a gentle reminder that I am not alone and that Heavenly Father is always watching. This doesn't mean it worked, because it didn't, then we tried using the van to Jump start the car. That didn't work either. We decided to try one more time, but Jeremy had locked his car after giving up the last time. If this was a car with less personality it would be no big deal. He tried unlocking the door that does work from the outside and it didn't work. So we tried the other one, the door would lock and unlock just fine but the handle doesn't work so we were locked out of the car, that was parked in a metered spot with a parking ticket, no longer in plain view! Jeremy called our insurance and it turns out we have roadside assistance on both cars Hallelujah! Jeremy didn't want me and the kids to have to hang out for the tow truck so I left and went to Costco. He called and said the tow truck guy came and everything was fine and he was on his way home. He backed out of the spot drove to the corner (two parking spots) turned the corner and it died again! This time in the middle of traffic on a main road surround the court house. He couldn't even turn on his hazards. Oh and he doesn't have one of those rods that hold up the hood so he had to use a baseball bat. Another blessing, he always keeps sports equipment on hand. He had to wait another hour for a second tow truck. He had several people come talk to him and offer advice, but there was a man named Chuck who sat and talked with him as well as helped direct traffic for the entire time he was waiting. It was a neat experience for Jeremy. I may share it later. Eventually the second tow truck showed up and got him to a near by auto shop. He thinks it may be the alternator.

It was kind of stinky the way it all played out, but I am extremely grateful that it happened the way it did. We could have been charging the battery or replacing it many times over and then come to find out it was a different problem. It happened during a time when Jeremy was already taking time off so he wasn't in crisis mode and besides my emotions getting out of control for a little bit I know it is all OK.

The next task is finding child care, but I am sure it will all work out. If nothing else we will lock all our kids in the closet off of Jeremy's office, there is plenty of circulation for air! Just kidding, if all else fails I am sure Jeremy will take the needed time off. Jury Duty is never convenient, but I look forward to seeing a part of the justice system at work as well as being a part of it! Oh and I really enjoyed the judge unfortunately I won't see him until it all raps up.


Hunter, Rosa and Camila said...

Oh April... What a morning! Isn't it great though tat you know you can rely on your best friend for help? And cars... they can be a blessing and a curse I'll tell ya! Love ya girl!

Alice said...

That is SO STUPID that you have to do jury duty. ARGH!

Gie Bergmill said...

You poor thing. I can't even imagine what I'd do. You should start saying crazy things like "I eat cats" and "Cookie Monster for Mayor!" so they dismiss you.

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