Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just let me get through this week...

Having jury duty gave me a little taste of what a mom who works outside the home must have to deal with. It is exhausting trying to figure out needs, prepare for them and be on time. As I was trying to just "get through" this last week, I realized I have been saying that a lot lately. I know that this is just how life is for me, well for everyone. (If you don't think you have a lot on your plate or are busy, please comment!) There are so many fun things that I like to do but don't really enjoy them as much because I am trying to just get through it.

This is especially relevant in watching the munchkins grow. In trying to get through the week I miss the opportunities to sit and stare at these gorgeous kids I have been blessed with and be amazed by them. They surprise me all the time and I can't help but wish I could catalog all the cute moments I see, such as when Hannah, on her own accord, grabs a Kleenex and wipes her baby brother's snotty nose. There are so many moments I don't want to miss or forget, because I was too busy trying to get through life. Life is what it is and I need to choose to appreciate all the wonderful moments that surround me. That is not to say I won't be busy or I will do less, but I will try to focus more on the moment and less on getting through it. Hopefully with that change I will be able to see more ways in which I am blessed!

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