Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things are changing aroud here!

While in Ohio I noticed my sweet-little-ain't-done-no-harm-to-no-one-except-me-during-child- birth-and-that-is-forgiven baby has extremely swollen gums I have been checking everyday watching his two top front teeth slowly make their way down his gum line. They are so close now I am waiting to see pearly whites anyday now. He will soon have is two front teeth while my other son is looking like this:

Logan lost his second front tooth. He is growing up too fast.

He was too cute he found and American Red Cross hat and decided to dress up like a doctor. The girls were princess patience I mean patients!

He later told me he wasn't completely dressed like a doctor because he didn't have his belt on, then put it on and informed me it was his doctor belt. Who knew he could multi-task, missionary and doctor at the same time!

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smith scratch said...

Logan makes an adorable/hilarious doctor. Jack refers to doctors in white coats as "white doctors", whenever he has a doc dressed like Logan, he says he wants a "white doctor". Which can be offensive to all of his docs that aren't caucasian. :]

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