Thursday, July 23, 2009

I like embarassing myself.

Not really but i manage to do it ALL the time. This last Saturday I had one of those moments. Jeremy is now a High Priest in our church which equates to hanging out with the "more experienced in age" men. There was a High Priest BBQ this past Saturday. We were well aware we would be the youngest people there not taking into account we were the only ones bringing children. Good thing we have many or they would have been needing lots of entertainment. As we were walking up to the door my foot caught on a little metal fence and yes, down I went. Not too big of a deal but I was carrying Jackson with no Baby Bjorn, just in my arms. Luckily I had enough mind to protect him like a steal trap. Jackson looked up at me bordering tears but was unharmed. Jeremy was there to rescue him from my clumsiness. I just managed to get up when our hostess answered the door while I was brushing off my knees. Hannah informed her I just fell. Lucky for me she is not always easy to understand so our kind hostess smiled and nodded then welcomed us into her home. After that it was smooth sailing and I haven't tripped far.


The State of Our Family said...

Could've been could've been just as you stepped out to their backyard where everyone could've witnessed it! :) Glad Jackson escaped unharmed and wish your knees a quick recovery! :)

Alice said...

OH my goodness, I'm very clumsy and am always afraid that I will take a spill while holding Finn. Glad all is well.

Taylors said...

its not enough that we embarrass ourselves but our kids have to go ahead and tell people. luckily no one can understand my kids either

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