Friday, July 17, 2009

Ohio-getting adjusted

The kids took some time getting re-aquainted with their Uncle Jon, cousin Carolyn, and Aunt Adri.

Then the kids quickly went outside and made their way to the tree house. It came with a trap door and a bucket to bring things up to the top. It was a dream come true for the kids. Lauren even ventured up the ladder much to the dismay of Jeremy and I causing near heart attack type symptoms!

Here are my kids and my oldest sister's daughter, Carolyn who is going to be 10 on August 1st.

Haylie on one of the few swings around my parents 4 acre property. This swing did bop Miranda in the head due to her crazy antics, but fared without a bruise.

From the moment we got there the kids kept asking "can we go swimming in the pond?" This was the closest they got for a few days, but can you see yearning in their eyes?

Wednesday we hung out and waited for Papa to fly in from Iraq. It was good to see him. Thursday we went and saw the movie Up, then to my Grandma's house. She invited us over to see her new abode. The kids had fun on the porch swing. We had to remind them it was for relaxing not for swinging, I am not sure they understood there was a difference.

We were treated to a delicious dessert of strawberry shortcake.

Then on to the main event, the four wheeler. I think it is Grandpa Fred's favorite thing to do with the grandkids and in this case, great grandkids. Jeremy took each of the kids for a ride then he took me. The girls waited patiently for their turn. I loved the daffodils in the back ground.

Lauren loved the ride and had a hard time sharing... they got out Grandma's scooter which was perfect.

The kids adjusted very well and felt at home every where we went. Next up Family camp at Buelah Beach.


smith scratch said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST!

The State of Our Family said...

Sure looks like a great vacation! It's good to get away!

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