Thursday, February 21, 2008


Who can complain about looking at more pictures of Lauren. She really is a perfect baby...although not sleeping through the night again...I see white spots promising more teeth. She is sitting up really well so the sink is a fabulous place to bathe her. Here is my favorite picture. Lauren must have been concerned since her little ducky friend was not breathing. She decided to give her little friend a little mouth to mout resuscitation. I knew she was an angel but I didn't expect one so young to be willing and able to help a friend in need.
On another note Lauren is 9 months old. Holy moly she is growing so fast. She is crawling and moving it is soo cute. She does the army crawl quite effectively.
Her hair is long enough to do the cute pony tail on top thing. It sticks straigh up about 2 inches.

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Rebecca said...

So cute! I love the effects on that first picture.

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