Monday, October 22, 2007

She makes me proud.

This isn't my story to tell but I will share it anyways since it is about my daughter. Jeremy had this week off and spent a couple hours alone on a father child date. This is about Jeremy and Miranda's date. They went to McDonald's for lunch (that in itself is amazing since he doesn't like it at all, the sacrifice for kids). As they were standing in line there was a young mom and daughter behind them speaking in Spanish. Jeremy speaks Spanish so he could understand what they were saying. The little girl wanted a happy meal so she could get the toy. The mom basically said we are only getting the food. It was a My Scene toy. So Jeremy asked Miranda to think about something. He said the little girl would really like the toy so if Miranda wanted to she could give it to her. I think more was said but I don't want to embellish the generosity of my little girl. As they were leaving Jeremy asked Miranda if she thought about what he had said, she said yes and she wanted to give the toy to the little girl. She walked up to her by herself and handed over her new toy. She walked out holding Jeremy's hand. She said it felt good to make that little girl happy.

When Jeremy told me about it I asked if Miranda was sad after she gave up her toy. He said no, she was too happy that she made this other little girl happy. I am proud of her for being so generous. I can learn alot from my children and this is one of those times. Not only that but it shows that we are doing a good job raising our kids, we all need a little reminder every once in a while.

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