Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEWS Worthy!

Channel 2 News was doing a story about local teachers who are voicing the fact that they are doing their job with out getting the deserved benefits. Having married into a family of teachers I feel for them. Their job is an important and often thankless one. I am grateful for the teachers who have taught Miranda so far. She has been blessed to have such a great foundation to her many years of required education.

Onto the point...I am sure the news crew scoured the district classrooms looking for the best teacher, the cutest class, and smartest group! The search was over when they came across the Scholar Class. Here is the news clip. I hope you enjoy.

I told Miranda that she would now have to wear dark sunglasses and a baseball cap whenever she went anywhere. People would constantly stop her for her autograph, since she was on the news she will be famous. I wasn't sure if she took me seriously until the next day when she said in a surprised manner "Oh I forgot to wear my shades and hat and NOBODY asked for autograph!" Maybe for the adorable little cuties that got closeups it may be another story!

Thanks to a Technological Savy brother in law who could record and edit this for me!

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