Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lauren's rockin' and a rollin'

Lauren is so funny. She is starting to roll over. She still has problems with her arm getting stuck. If you remember the baby dolls that you laid down and their eyes closed and you lift them up and they open...well Lauren is similar. If she is on her back she is happy flip her over on her tummy and she cries. It is like her tummy has a little button on it. This little button is highly inconvenient for me. My baby used to sleep through the night since she was less than a month old (I would say like two weeks but you know the first month is a blur anyways). Now she rolls over on her side which she will sleep very peaceful that way. The force of gravity then helps her roll the rest of the way and wakes her up. Well it is either that or she could be teething. As my friends and I have all figured out teething is the cause of all unhappiness in babies!

In true ME fashion here is a little clip of my baby going from happy to ...uh-hmm, upset with a push of the aforementioned tummy button.

1 comment:

Nicky said...

Oh that poor baby. And poor mommy for having a upset baby:(

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