Monday, February 19, 2007

Kids keep you young...

Well at least they make you laugh and feel young. Miranda said the funniest thing today. We were driving and Miranda said Cinderella III was rated PG-Knee. For all you non-locals, PG&E provides our Gas and Electric (Pacific Gas & Electric). Anyways, we tried telling her it wasn't PG-Knee that it was PG or G. Since she was talking about a cartoon we told her it was G. She disagreed. With much trying to get her to understand she finally submitted to us. I still believe she thinks we are wrong.

Another funny I was getting the twins dressed. I was finally done with the second little darling and Logan comes in with a stern voice and says that is Hayley you put her in pink. That is Hannah. We try to keep Hannah in the pink and Haylie typically gets the "other color. Today Haylie was in a Coral and Teal striped sweater. I argued for about 2 minutes saying no Hannah wears pink, you did it wrong and pointed to her. Logan stuck to his guns almost getting frustrated with me. Jeremy walks in, hearing the argument and says he's right you dressed them wrong! I said no-way and checked her ear. Haylie has a little notch in her right ear. Sure enough I don't know the girls apart after two years. I need my 4-year old boy to teach me.

Well you win some you loose some. These kinds of battles I don't mind but I truly fear the ones that lie in my future.

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