Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just a quick funny

The girls, Haylie and Hannah, are learning and using their potty words (i.e. potty poopy). When the girls get up in the morning or from their nap it sounds something like this "Daddy, poopy, go potty" sometimes you can substitute Mommy but rarely. They have used the potty twice to go poopy. Well we were sitting at the dinner table and were eating dessert. Hannah decided she no longer wanted to eat her "tookie" as Haylie calls it. She started leaning to the left and pushing herself away. For you veteran parents you might be able to interpret her "sign language". So we kindly asked her, "Hannah did you go poopy" She just kind of whined. So Haylie being the caring older sister leans over and looks behind her in her chair and says "poopy?" then looks at me and Daddy and says "No poopy!" She was very wrong but it was funny.

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