Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He Loves ME!!!

Jeremy had his surgery and went back to work, a little uncomfortable but felt the pressures to accomplish some unfinished tasks. Starting that night he started feeling like he had a fever but the thermometer didn't agree. By Sunday he was pretty miserable and rested all day for the first time that I can remember. He decided on Monday he would go into work for a couple hours then come home and rest. He lasted maybe 45 minutes. He called to say he had to stop at the store and he would be home. The door bell rang and I opened it to these:

As he handed them to me he apologized for feeling do lousy. Poor guy. He then rested for the second day in a row. He finally went to the doctor on Wednesday and they said he just had to get through it. Today he finally was able to go back to work and feel a little useful there.

In honor of valentine's day I wanted to make sure he knows how much I love him.

10 of many reasons why I love Jeremy!

10. He searched me out.

9. He loves our children and makes them laugh on a regular basis.

8. He works hard so I don't have to.

7. He still likes to date me.

6. He takes responsibility seriously, even when I get frustrated by it.

5. He is a great example to those around him, especially our children.

4. He makes me feel important by listening to my whining.

3. He makes me laugh.

2. He loves me pregnant, emotional and all!

1. He gives the best Hugs AND Kisses!

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