Tuesday, April 24, 2012

...and then there were two!

You know when life gets into a groove and you are feeling comfortable watch out!  This is a sad story with a pretty neat personal experience, one I want remembered by my children.  Four months ago on the 22nd of December we found out Jackson was diabetic.  Exactly four months after that date, on April 22nd...

On Sunday we went to church and things were seemingly normal.  Lauren start asking for water throughout our first meeting.  Then we sent her to class.  When it was time for her to go to her individual sunday school class she fell apart.  With fear of starting a habit, the primary president (Jeremy's mom) brought her to me since she was so upset.  I started talking to her and then she said "Mom, I'm just really thirsty" as alligator size tears poured from her eyes.  We went and got her water and then some more, she was happy and walked back to class.  I returned to my meeting and it hit me with force that she too, is diabetic.  I couldn't help the tears flow as I realized she had been waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom for the last few weeks, and even had a tiny accident that morning.  I KNEW it, but was still in shock.  The hardest part was Jeremy was at another building supporting some young men who were leaving on a mission soon.  I couldn't talk to him with my revelation.

On a side note but this is the very cool part.  My lesson was on receiving personal revelation.  When preparing this I thought, this will be a hard lesson as I don't have much experience.  As I read the lesson, I had a few past experiences come to mind.  So the seed was planted, when I received the distinct feeling about Lauren, I knew my Heavenly Father was helping me.

I came home and texted Jeremy.  Still not sure what to do I remembered we had an unused meter from when Jackson was diagnosed (we got a free one sent to us in addition to his own).  I decided I would check her sugar and it read 575.  For Jackson, which still they let run a bit high his range is 150-180 but closer to 100 is ideal.  I called the advice nurse and she said my feelings and concerns are warranted but there could be other reasons for the high number.  It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it wasn't a definite yep!  Then I collapsed on the floor on the other side of the bed and cried REALLY hard. It didn't hurt as bad as with Jackson and it wasn't because I was angry, but becasue this couldn't be happening right?  Was I strong enough? Could I not freak the kids out?  I got a phone appt. for an hour later with the oncall pediatrician.  When Jer was able to call he didn't say that I was crazy, he said "You know, I had a dream that Lauren was diabetic, but I brushed it off, I am not totally surprised."  We KNEW!  When the doctor called I told her my suspicions, and then threw in about the reading.  She stopped instantly and said you need to take her straight to the ER, this cannot wait until tomorrow."  I called my mother-in-law who came right over to sit with the kids until Jeremy got home.  As I was leaving I told her Jackson had not had lunch yet and she stopped for a minute and said "Oh, that's right" but Jeremy would be home to give the shot so off I went.  On a mother daughter overnight date to "the hostibal that Jackson got didobetes from" as Lauren said when we were walking up.  I did try to clarify that he was diagnosed there, he didn't "get it" from there.

So that is our newest story.  I am so grateful for the revelation from a kind and compassionate Father in Heaven.  There was a peaceful resolve in knowing, even though there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth inside as I was trying to talk myself out of what I knew.  I knew I didn't have to be afraid and I was definitely not angry, but I couldn't help but wonder what I still need to learn that Heavenly Father has given us this extra challenge.

Lauren is taking to it so well and having already seen the transtion with Jackson has made it easier for her.  There are blessings to come from this being so close, but far enough that we are comfortable and confident in our ability to manage diabetes.  Now she at times she really is the sweetest sneaky sneak that ever walked this earth!



Berenice said...

Instinct is so amazing. You know I really get how you feel about this. Even though we are strong and get strength from our beliefs it still hurts ... a lot. We don't want our kids to have to deal with anything else than they have to. Life is hard enough as it is and when planning our families such things were not in the plan. This was given to you and your kids just like PKU was given to us for a reason and I find those reasons every day and even though I felt I was a caring person before this has taught me so much more than I thought I still had to learn. Hugs to you and your beautiful family.

Chris & Sarah said...

Awww.... April that is amazing!

What a wonderful example you guys are as parents and as receptors of the spirit!!

Never forget Mr. Deeds phrase, "you underestimate my sneakiness!"

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testimony of the love that our Heavenly Father is there for us. We don't have the answers but we know He will be with us every step of the way. My prayers are with you!

redmono57 said...

Dear April,
Brittany sent me your post and we just now read it. Larry and I just sat here with tears streaming down our face as we read it. We know that you are strong and you will get through this. Lauren is strong (in many ways) and will help Jaxon as the big sister.

Your biggest struggle is going to be....the sneak, sneaking :)

Larry has diabetes since his mission and we understand the disease. We always worry about one of our grandchildren having it.

We love you and will pray for your family and keep their names on the Temple roll.

Much love,
Rhonda and Larry Redding

Brandan & Haylie said...

I happened across your blog by accident...I have a diabetic child as well (been 6 yrs). I can't imagine having two children with it though. I have no doubt that you can handle this even though we've never met. You are stronger than you think you are and so are your children. Best of wishes to you all.
Another d-mom,
Haylie Worthen

ps...I find it funny that you have a daughter with my name (same spelling which I don't know many people to have) as well as a daughter named Hannah because I have one of those too.

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