Monday, June 15, 2009

Brace Face

Miranda got her braces on today. It is weird. She thinks she is a teenager and now she is starting to look like one. Well except for the acne! Here's her progression.

Before any equipment.

Miranda had a cross bite. Also she had an abscessed tooth that was pulled and all her teeth started filling in the gap. The next picture was taken after two weeks of using the expander:

It is amazing to see how fast things can move. The gap in her front teeth got really big and then it slowly started getting smaller. It will be amazing how much will change in 8 weeks at her next appointment. The next picture is of her today:

She chose red, white and blue bands, we asked if it was because of the 4th of July and she said "no, because I live in America!" She says it doesn't hurt at all, but I am sure it is like a good work out, it doesn't hurt until the next day or so, I will be giving her Motrin soon. What a beautiful young lady.

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The State of Our Family said...

WOW! She seems so young for braces! At least she'll be done with them early too! :)

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