Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mormon Messages...

Following a friend's blog she lead me to Mormon Messages on I have been out of the loop with the "Big Love" Controversy. I know the gist of it but I haven't gotten involved. Anyway, the Church has put together small videos and posted them on YouTube on the Mormon Messages Channel. In response to the controversy the current video is "Why Mormons Build Temples?" It was a neat video but the one that lifted my heart was based on a talk by Elder Uchdorf. The video is entitled Create.

It is always uplifting. In his talk he does talk about motherhood. Which relates to me in about 6 different ways ;-). It is so nice to be reminded of this great talk and put to beautiful music as well as put together in a way that not only applies to women but men as well. We are all given the opportunity and ability to create, whether it is creating happiness, peace, comfort...there are so many things that really require no skills, money or education.

I am truly blessed to know this.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, April. That was just what I needed to complete my sabath day.
Linda R.

Christina said...

I love that talk. Thanks for sharing.

Ranel said...

I love the fact that God is creative and that I am made in His image, a creative being. Thank you for sharing this warmed my heart!

Jenny said...

Hi April

I loved that talk! Thanks for reminding me of it. I am so grateful for the Gospel and and all the beautiful things we get to learn in this life. Don't you just love being a convert!!!Everyday I think how blessed I feel to know and continue learn these truths.

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