Monday, March 02, 2009

Hannah makes us laugh too!

It seems like when a "twin" does something funny I often forget which one said what so it is repeated in general terms. One of the downfalls of being a twin.

On Sunday there were two funnies. Saturday, and I will admit Friday too, I did Haylie's hair a certain way. So Sunday after their bath Hannah wanted her hair done that way and Haylie wanted a different style. Jeremy is at meetings before church and doesn't get to see them. Part of his new calling is to come in and introduce the monthly theme in Primary. So he is talking to the kids ans asking questions. haylie and Hannah were wearing identical dresses, so Jeremy relied on the hair and called on "Haylie" to answer his question. She puts her hand down with a big cheesey grin and says "No Dad I Haannaaahh!" It was pretty funny since he doesn't usually get them mixed up. Another downfall, sometimes your parents can't tell you apart!

Later that day Jeremy picked her up and flipped her around. After putting her down he said "OK my turn." Rightfully so she started laughing and said "Daddy you are bigger." "Bigger than what?" he asks for clarification. Hannah again giggling says "bigger than a house!" Of course we we all expecting her to say "bigger than me." Luckily it wasn't me she was referring to I am not sure my delicate ego could handle that comment.

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