Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Picture worth Posting

Since around September , Lauren has not been sleeping through the night. I am talking waking up at midnight and about every 2 hours after that. The culprits of this un-welcomed change have finally popped through. While she is always a relatively happy baby and beyond adorable, I am not appreciative of the interrupted sleep. (Ask Jeremy about the treatment he gets when he interrupts my sleep!) She is back to the absolute perfect baby again...(I know if my only complaint was sleeping I should be grateful and I AM!) Here is a picture with the most adorable face showing off her pearly whites!
In other toothy news...Miranda complained of her tooth hurting so we took her to the dentist. He said it was beginning to abscess. He tried to help save the tooth but the infection has gone too far. So today Miranda will be loosing another tooth, a molar at that, by force. Poor girl. Now the problem is who gets to tell her?!

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Rebecca said...

What an adorable grin! Sorry to hear about Miranda's tooth. :(

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