Friday, May 11, 2012

The best patient ever

We received Lauren's test results and it is official she is Type 1 diabetic.  I am still alittle shocked and now have a worry that more will come.  The good news is that Lauren has taken to this so well.  I am impressed for some one who is so sneaky that she will not eat anything without asking first.  After about a week of having us test her sugars she asked to do it and did it well.  She checks her own sugars at least before two meals a day.  I am flaberghasted that she is already doing that.  Today I asked her if she wanted to try practicing giving a shot with a real needle (she gives me shots with the cap on!).  She said yes.  When we had Jackson they sent us home with a bottle of sterile water, a needle and orange.  It is what I used in the hospital to practice.  So I let her use a needle and pulled out an ugly cutie (haha!) and walked her through it.  I video taped it the second time still being coached, but she still did it.

I always marvel at the intelligence and ability of children at such a young age.  We are not handing over the reigns and she has rules such as an adult needs to be present when she tetes her sugar.  As for the shots, it will be many moons until we trust her, besides the math calculations involved are a little above her smarty pants level.

She is still emotional but I can already see a difference in her behavior.  When she is short tempered or super sensitive, her sugars are high.  Her lows like Jackson are hard to detect.  Luckily we check fairly frequently so it hasn't gotten bad.  I think Jackson's sugar was in the high 30s before we atarted seeing signs.  Lauren had her first real low today at 49 and she was sompletely normal.  So that is a little scary.  I never want to see how low they can go before they are in a danger zone.

I love my little sweeties (I like to call them that more now that when we test we say we need to test how sweet you are!)  I am grteful for the lessons they teach me.  Being a parent is hard work, but when you look and watch what these kiddos can do, they are so amazing.

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