Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Fun!

It is hard to find things to do during the summer that don't break the bank. Last Thursday I decided to have the kids help me wash the car. They did an excellent job. Considering it had been close to a year since it's last bath I would say they did a perfect job. Here is a picture of us washing the car.

They did such a good it took a little elbow grease but they had the muscle to handle it.

The real reason I wanted to wash the car was to add another stick girl to our family. Our rear window is now complete with the seven Jacobs!

1 comment:

Rebeccah said...

Hey this is Rebeccah where did you get these I have been dying to get some fo r my van. Cheesie I know but must have them. I love your site by the way where did you get the scrolling pic thing. anywho let me know.

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